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PSI Sharpie by Yves Doumergue
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Effect: Picture this: you have just performed a killer routine where you had the spectator sign a trick with your Sharpie. Now, to further drop their jaws, you set the Sharpie down and use your amazing mental powers to make it start spinning freely on the table- no strings or any conceivable gaff. Your audience walks away eerily impressed and dumbfounded at your amazing ability. Are you ready to cash in on your $1,000,000 from the James Randi Educational Foundation, or have you just had the foresight to pick up one of the new PSI Sharpie illusions from Yves Doumergue? We suspect the latter

The possibilities are endless- do a “Spin the Sharpie” game to point to people or objects, predict the “hour” of an event by using laying the Sharpie on a clock patterned surface…you have probably thought of something even better while reading this ad!

There are no strings, threads, magnets, switches, and absolutely nothing attached to the performer’s body at any point in time. All the “magic” is completely self-contained within the Psi-Sharpie, and it may be examined at any time!

With your hidden, wireless remote control, the power of Psi-Sharpie is completely at your command; when you push the button it moves, if you stop, it stops! This Quality device comes complete with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty!

Don’t be fooled by imitations- ask for the Psi-Sharpie by name.

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