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A baffling impromptu mentalism experiment you can perform any time! With the Psychic Trainer card, you can perform one of the most baffling and devious impromptu mentalism routines ever devised. The card features various designs in different colours, a combination of traditional ESP symbols and entoptic glyphs. You will be able to accurately guess the symbol and colour the spectator is merely thinking of. This is a near-perfect gem of impromptu mentalism. Carry it on you at all times and you’ll always be ready to amaze.

You can also perform miracles with the Psychic Instructor T-shirt (using the same principle as the card). Just put it on and you’ll be ready to perform this impromptu mentalism experiment anytime, anywhere.

The Psychic Instructor T-shirt is made of 100% cotton and is of excellent quality.


    No force. Spectators have a totally free choice.
    No fishing. You don’t ask the spectator anything.
    The spectator doesn’t tell you anything.
    You can immediately repeat the experiment… with a different outcome!


    The Card Measuring just 7cm x 9.5cm (2.75″ x 3.75″), the Psychic Trainer card fits easily in your wallet. The card is laminated to provide years of trouble-free mentalism.
    Tee shirt size available (M,L,XL)


    Psychic Trainer card
    Psychic Instructor Tee-shirt (large)
    Instructions (in English and French)


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