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Color Changing Records by Tricks Co.
(c. 1978) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

A great quality version of the classic Color Changing Records from Tricks Co. and a perfect opening to Tony Lackner’s Vinyl Star which works with the same size records.

Similar to Pavel’s and Tenyo’s classic version, but better quality records and sleeve.

Effect: You show three black phonograph records to the audience. The first black record is placed on a record and a colored silk is pushed through the record hole. When you remove the record from the sleeve, it has magically changed its color to that of the silk. This is repeated with the other two records. Nothing is found when you open the sleeve to show the inside.

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SKU: 5633 Category: Stage Tags: Color Changing Records, Image Size: Large, June 2016, Released: 1978, Sold, The 1970’s, Tricks Co., Updated
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