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A French Take on the Skinner Classic

Mike Skinner’s monte is a classic for a good reason. It’s great. 

But the clever French magician, Mickaël Stutzinger, has taken it and put a Gallic spin on things. 

Just like Skinner’s classic, the spectator tries to follow one card of three and can never win. 

Mickaël has enriched the standard handing with his own super clean nuances and subtleties. And an amazing kicker ending that no one will see coming. One of the backs of the cards changes from red to blue!

You get everything you need to perform this:

    3 x Rider back, Bicycle poker size cards 
    1 x Rider back, Bicycle gimmicked card
    1 x Himber-style plastic wallet
    Online video instructions, including a beginner-level version


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