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Finally Julien Losa has agreed to release the routine he uses in all his shows!

Now for the first time OMNITOOL is available in Poker size and printed on quality card stock. OMNITOOL is so versatile and powerful, you won’t want to stop performing it. OMNITOOL is a real tool for all magicians and mentalists.

Ingeniously hidden in a foreign language learning game, OMNITOOL allows you to perform complete mentalism routine in all conditions (close-up, parlour and stage).

You will be able to perform effects such as:

    Mind reading
    Word divination
    Drawing duplications
    Pseudo psychometric effect

OMNITOOL is the simplest stack of pictures/words in the world! We explained it to magicians who know nothing about the stack and in less than 2 minutes they had memorised all the cards!

The stack is so simple that even after a long period of not performing with the cards (even-though we know once you try it you will want to keep performing it), it will only take you a few seconds to re familiarise yourself with the effect.

In the explanation video, Julien reveals in full detail all the secrets of his personal 3-phase routine that has made him so popular. More than 1h of explanations during which you will be able to watch 2 performances performed live during his shows.

In the pack you will receive:

    26 cards (marked) with the memorised stack
    26 Tossed Out Deck (TOD) cards
    1 double back card
    1 double face card
    Tutorial video (in English) which runs for more than 1h and includes 2 live performances

Points to remember:

    As easy to learn as it is to perform
    Each effect is hard-hitting and powerful
    Can be used in all conditions: close-up, parlour and stage
    OMNITOOL is just that, a tool which can be used to perform multiple effects
    Packs small Plays big


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