Marconick’s new magic pocket book of original magic #2 has thirty-two pages of original ideas, illustrated by John Elferink of Holland and edited by Peter Warlock of England. Tannen Publications has purchased the rights to this book and it is now in stock for immediate delivery. We know you will be using many of the items in your own show as they are all audience tested. His new idea on the 20th century silks will please you, his dancing rings and umbrella finale is flashy, his silk production is colorful, his Kleenex production is surprising,, The Traveling Flame will delight the novelty seeker, and the dove mat illusion will find many dove workers using it. These are only a few of the tricks you will find in this new Marconick book of original ideas #2.

    Yrutnec Hteitnewt
    Coin Materialisation
    The Coins Disappear
    Ring Penetration
    The Patriotic Change
    The Inca Ring
    Two Colour Production Tube
    Two In One
    Riffle Rice
    A Ribbon Mystery
    The Dove Mat Illusion
    The Travelling Flame
    Thimble Penetration
    Mr. Rabbit
    A Stacked Deck
    Kleenex Production
    Looped Rope Through Neck
    Rope Through Neck
    Silk Chain
    Production Of A Silk
    The Dancing Rings And Umbrella Finale

    Publisher: Louis Tannen
    Pages: 32
    Location: New York, USA
    Edited by: Peter Warlock
    Dimensions: 5″x8″
    Date: 1968, 1970


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