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The viewer is free to select a playing card, which is then “marked” with a yellow sticker on the back. The paper is clearly lost in the deck and the latter then is mixed. At this point, the magician asserts the public to be able to make reappear the paper as the first of the deck in a few seconds .. and thanks to the sticker on the back of the all will be able to recognize. Viewers will remain speechless at seeing conjure a top card of the deck with attached a sticker on the back. It will look like a hologram, as if it were something unreal that becomes real. After a first moment of wonder however, the public will notice that the color of the sticker is different from that previously made. The magician just a snap to change the color to steacker and then give everything in control.

Riginariamente effect created by the French magician Sandy, then David Stone, after buying the rights it has modified and improved so as to make it a routine to close-up views.

Not to be missed.

You will receive:

• A DVD with 5 routines (French and English).
• Gimmicks 2 with two different minuse of stickers.
• A movie of about 45 minutes about the history and the concept that is the basis of Hologram.


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